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Forward all calls to any phone around the globe. Save up to 95% on international calls

2-Way Unlimited

Call Canada from Iran (with Canadian Phone Numbers) without roaming charges

Call Forwarding

Respond to your phone numbers (US and Canada) in Iran


A phone number for use by 2 or 1000 people for businesses

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Tikatel provides local numbers from 89 Countries around the world

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Tikatel provides high quality, innovative and convenient telephone services for both personal and business usage. Since 2008, Tikatel has been enhancing its technology in order to meet the highest qualifications in a competitive market.

The company also works with International Long-Distance carriers and Internet service providers. It does not matter what service providers (Fido, Rogers Telus and…) consumers have; Tikatel can provide easy numbers to customers in which, they can use their own number in different countries while traveling and NO NEED to change the Sim Card.

Tikatel Mobile Application

Let's Describe More Included Features in Our Flare!

Tikatel - Free Calls and Messages

Connect with loved ones around the globe at some of the world’s most cost efficient App. No matter where you are, whether on a trip or at home, you can take your own regular phone number with you everywhere with no roaming fees. You can receive FREE unlimited incoming and outgoing calls and texts.

Tikatel offers reliable features of FREE Calls & SMS and Video Calls to Tikatel users such as friends and families all over the world over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. Also, you can make worldwide Calls to landlines and mobile numbers of non-users at very low rates.

What makes Tikatel different from others?

You can use your own number in different countries while you’re traveling and NO NEED to change your Sim Card. You can receive calls through your Tikatel App from everywhere if you’re connected to Internet. If you are not connected to Internet you will receive calls on your number provided by Tikatel. So, people can simply dial your number and you will not miss any calls.

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Tikatel provides local numbers from 89 countries around the world. You can get your own number (Canada, USA, England, Iran, etc) for your business/personal purpose and receive calls without any difficulty.

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